Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Current Projects

I have a couple software projects underway that I do outside of work. The first is of interest only to developers of web applications, mostly, and it's called DonsProxy. I didn't name it that, but people started using that name for the original version which was developed over some years at a client site. The new version is a complete re-write, and is available at I haven't made any updates for a couple months. The next big task on this is to do more work on the SSL/HTTPS side, and get that working better.

The project I've been active on lately is for a web site with somewhat broader appeal. It's for anyone who likes to write, but for whatever reason isn't diving in to a book project or short stories for some magazine. It's also for readers of those stories, and it can be found at This site is in its early stages, so don't expect much yet. It's just that I wanted to share it while it's under development, so you can see the progress, much like the user on an Agile project would.

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