Thursday, October 16, 2008

Completing the Ray-Way Tarp and Net-Tent

Well, it's taken us a while, but my Ray-Way Tarp and Net-Tent are now complete, having finished the Net-Tent tonight. My wife Dot did the lion's share of the work - it's a fair bit of sewing, to be sure. It's really been a labor of LOVE on her part, too - she doesn't backpack.

So, every good ultra light backpacker (which I am not, but let's pretend) will want to know the weight. When I weighed the tarp before, I mis-weighed it by counting my 200 gram weights as 100 grams. Oops! Anyway, here are the correct figures.

ComponentAdvertised weightMy weight
Two-person tarp16.76 ounces
(before sealing)
17.84 ounces
(505.8 grams)
8 Stakes 2.87 ounces
(81.5 grams)
Net-Tentabout 12 ounces13.85 ounces
(392.5 grams)
TOTAL 34.56 ounces
(979.8 grams)

Also consider that with the Net-Tent completed, I no longer need the ground cloth, since the Net-Tent does double-duty, and that saves me 114.1 grams, or 4 ounces.

I added about 10 grams to the weight of the tent by swapping out all the brown flatlines for white cord. Why? Because I found that I absolutely cannot untie the broun flatline when wet.

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