Sunday, January 11, 2009

First Chaco Sale

So, I think I just sold my first pair of shoes. ;)

My wife and I were at the mall the other night, wandering around, waiting for Gran Torino to start. I noticed a couple of the shoe stores had sales on, so I headed over to Tradehome shoe store, the one where I bought my Chaco Redrocks, to see if they have them marked down, seeing as how I'm very happy with mine. They did not, sadly. So, my wife's there with me, tries on a couple pairs of shoes. A couple Merrels, and the women's Chaco Redrocks. She definitely favored the Redrocks, and now she has a pair, too. My first shoe sale!

My grandpa would be pleased, I think. He worked for Brown Shoe for 34 years, and while on the board of directors pushed to have a shoe plant built in Steelville, Mo., and it lasted for quite some time before they shut it down.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Eclipse Breakpoints

Hey, here's a tip for Eclipse users. Breakpoints can be created that either suspend just the one thread your code is on, or suspend the whole VM. You can set them individually using the breakpoint properties page. Also, you can set how they're created by default in Window..Preferences..Java..Debug..Default suspend policy for new breakpoints. Pick "Suspend VM" or "Suspend thread."