Saturday, July 4, 2009

A Worser Mousetrap


I have this, uh, friend, that has a rodent problem. Yes...a friend has this rodent problem.

So anyway, in order to help this, uh, friend, with his rodent problem, I used to buy this Victor snap trap at Lowes. Now, they don't sell those any more, they sell this Tomcat snap trap instead. They're very similar, except that the Tomcat is $0.78 instead of $1.10. There is one other minor difference - the Victors work. They actually catch mice. The Tomcats don't. They suck, actually. The mice come, take the bait, and leave. The traps don't trip. I even jammed the bait into the little holes so that they'd really have to apply a lot of force to get it - end the traps still don't trip. I would've been happy to spring for the extra 32 cents even, for a trap that just ^*(&^*&^%$%# works.

I wouldn't even be griping here if I hadn't just come back from Lowe's, having returned a branch cutter that pulled apart during normal operation: I was cutting a redbud branch about the size of my thumb. Forty bucks and it lasted about an hour. Jeez, what a piece of crap.

Next time you and the kids want to have fun, go play this game. It's called Made in America. Go into your local Lowes, and try to find a product that's made in America. Set a time limit, though. If you haven't found something after an hour, it's time to give up.


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