Saturday, June 6, 2009

OT Courtois Section Trip Report - 5/30 and 5/31

I hiked the part of this section from Hazel Creek to Bass' River Resort last weekend, camping after it crosses FR2265 the first time, before the trail cuts west there. What a great weekend to hike - a little on the warm side, but tolerable by watching my pace. Finished up Sunday morning about 11 before the heat really got going, and sat in the shade by the creek, enjoying a couple free beers from some new-found friends and skipping a few stones. Good times.

If you hike this direction, you need to know that when it goes into the field near Harmon Spring, you need to head forward across the field, taking the trail that goes slightly to the right. There's a trail to the left and to the right, and I went left, getting about a half-mile up the road before convincing myself that that wasn't the right way.

Also, if you're going this way, make sure you get plenty of water at the Beecher Artesian Well spring, especially in warm weather. The next decent water isn't until you're almost at Bass', and a long trek on the gravel road section will surely dry you out. There is some water before there, but I decided it wasn't for me, even purified, and I'm not too picky.

South of Highway 8, there are about 4 or 5 deadfalls. North of 8, maybe a couple.

The trail's pretty horsey in sections - plow through, and it gets better.

The ticks were bad, too. Had a couple in new places from this trip. Both standard ticks and seed ticks were on the prowl.

Not a lot of people out - just saw three guys in the Berryman section, but there were at least three people ahead of me, but making better time.

I really like this section. At least on the part I hiked, the hills are pretty docile, and there's some pretty trails through some really impressive pine groves.

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